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awesome stuff (noun): a broad categorisation of all the things New Bamboo can do for you. e.g. responsive web apps for mobile, tablet, and desktop; API development and integration; and data visualisation and analytics.

  1. We’re agile

    and we’re reclaiming the term. We live and breathe the Agile Manifesto and we understand the importance of people and communication above all else. That means we value collaboration, talking in person, and working as a team.

  2. We’re transparent

    Honesty and transparency are key to any trusting relationship, and we remain open and up-front with you right from the start. We keep you involved at every stage of the project.

  3. We don’t just write code

    We respond to change. We help clarify and refine your vision. We iterate fast so you can deliver value to your users, and we can improve from their feedback. We stick with you from start of your journey, right to the very end.

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We also write stuff

  1. Murtaza Gulamali

    Building secure web applications with Ruby on Rails


    The advantage of using a mature framework like Ruby on Rails to build your web applications is that it is reasonably secure by default. Current versions (4.0 and above) have several built-in mechanisms to stop opportunist hackers; the Rails community actively works to identify and patch new vulnerabilities as they come along; and, the framework is well documented both officially and unofficially. However, if some of the security features are disabled, your code doesn’t conform to best practises, or you don’t appreciate web security in general, your Rails apps can be left open to attack.

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  2. Laurie Young

    How Some Lost Keys Lead to our New Chill out Zone


    One of the joys of working in a company where everyone feels empowered is the way that something unexpected can trigger a change that makes everyone happier, and that it can happen spontaneously without the need for approval.

    Take for example the story of the lost keys. It started with an email sent round on our internal mailing list earlier today (we use Slack, but email still gets better reach). “Help” it said, “I’ve lost my keys!”

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