We build web-based software

to delight your customers and grow your business

with Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, HTML5 and other web technologies

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Delight your customers

We make web-based software that delights your customers and users, and enables you to grow your business. We work with you to understand your problems, and come up with innovative and reliable solutions. Using agile methodologies, we deliver working software every week, dramatically cutting the project risk.

Grow stronger

Along the way, we help to build your capabilities, transferring knowledge about the technologies and methods we use, so your team is stronger for having worked with us. At the end, you’ll have software you can not only use, but also manage. With New Bamboo, there’s no lock-in.

High quality software

We take pride in the quality of our software engineering, and really get under the skin of web technologies so we can push them to do more for you. Our toolbox includes Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, and HTML5. We have a culture of experimenting with new languages and frameworks that means we’re ready to tackle anything.

You’ll love working with us

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  1. Laurie Young

    We're Hiring


    Over the past few years we’ve slowly been growing our team, and its time to take on a few more people. So we’re on the lookout for one or two new developers to join our team.

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