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RedBull TV

Red Bull Media House approached us to build the API that powers Red Bull TV – a channel dedicated to sports, music and lifestyle entertainment – on a variety of devices ranging from the Apple TV to the Xbox 360. Having also helped build the Apple TV client, our involvement stretched from optimizing for performance and scalability, to delivering a premium experience to millions of viewers.


How much time would it save if, instead of manually analysing and creating content from a rich archive of market research, your publishing platform did it all for you? Quite a lot, if you ask Contagious after the launch of Contagious I/O, the subscription-based service that provides access to a powerful search and content analysis system that automatically discovers relevant articles as you browse.

And what about making a printed magazine, and all its back-issues, available online? The Contagious Magazine subscription services combines an elegant content editing system with a responsive interface optimised for devices as small as tablets, and as detailed as retina displays.


Which? has the knowledge and expertise to present useful, independent and friendly advice to UK consumers, and with our help, they could present that information in a clean, user friendly manner, and keep it up to date with minimal effort. Elderly Care offers advice to those with relatives in need of help, and helps focus their search with a short questionnaire, while Credit Cards offers all the benefits of a credit card comparison service while still retaining the impartiality and fairness consumers expect.


Few things are better than a good book, but it can be hard to find a decent read without scouring best-sellers lists and hunting for recommendations. We collaborated with Jellybeans’ internal team to bring the concept of serendipitous discovery to reading, allowing users to sample interesting books on their kindle, and share them with others within the site and on Goodreads.

Holiday Extras

As more of their operation moved from call centres and to the web, the UK’s leader in pre-booked airport hotels and parking brought us on board to help their internal team build a brand new single page web app, using A/B testing and usage data to drive every iteration without compromising the user experience. Eventually, they had learned enough from us about our agile development process that they could continue building the app by themselves.

What started off as an internal project at New Bamboo quickly grew into a reputable service that now powers the real-time functionality found in many websites and applications you use today. Pusher is one of two products originally created at New Bamboo.

In The Community

We really don’t just write code. In fact, when we’re not doing that, we’re helping to build a stronger community by hosting Rails Girls and Codebar workshops, as well as the occasional agile and business development meetup. Our Bambinos have also contributed to open source, too!